Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Green Ply Industries Ltd. - " Hockey Stick Pattern " On Weekly Technical Charts.

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Dear readers i'm here with one more beauty of national stock exchange named "Greenply Industries ltd". this stock got very good hype during 2015-2017 when majority ace investors started making positive remarks on this particular company as well on entire sector but later on we all knows what actually happened. but right now according to its technical chart structure stock is getting good accumulation in the band of 150 to 120 and the rising consolidation waves indicates that now something is definitely happening in the company. 

Well here we will not discuss much about fundamental part of this company but in our country wooden laminate markets are growing rapidly in form of flooring and furniture.

Technically according to me now 120-to-140 rupee price band will act as a strong support zone and this way within next 5-9 months of period stock can show some substantial up-move. now our this analysis will be only remain validate until stock is trading above 120. rest you can do your own research analysis to identify more opportunities in this counter and don't forget to share your view with me in the comment section. 

Disclaimer: above post is written for educational purpose only. So do make best use of this post according to your due diligence. 

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