Friday, 2 October 2015

क्रूड आयल, सोना -चांदी एंव मस्टर्ड सीड में जबरदस्त मुनाफा - शत प्रतिशत एक्यूरेसी के साथ -02 अक्टूबर 2015

मित्रो इस सप्ताह में मेरे द्वारा किये गए सभी आंकलनो का परिणाम बहुत ही सकारात्मक रहा, जहाँ हमने क्रूड आयल में खरीद करके मुनाफा बनाया वही सोने और चांदी में बेच के बड़ा मुनाफा बनाया -

साथ ही साथ मस्टर्ड सीड में हमारी माह के आरंभ से चली आरही तेज़ी की रिपोर्ट में हमने जबरदस्त मुनाफा बनाया क्योंकि इस सप्ताह मस्टर्ड सीड ने 4200 से 4550 का आंकड़ा पार कर लिया.

Friends this week been a wonderful week for us because my given forecasts for Crude oil and Precious metals for this week went very successful as we have purchased crude oil around $44.70 on Tuesday night and booked profit around $46.40 and other side we have short sell Gold around $1145 and in this week Gold prices crashed upto $1112 levels. So this way this week has became very profitable for commodity traders as well as agro traders because our yellow commodities forecasts and especially RMSEED forecast for bull run is doing great and touched an all monthly high of 4550+.

Our Equity Markets Forecast Performance  - 

JSWENERGY - Given around 81 Now Above 96 

PFS- Given Around 39.90 Now above 46 levels.

MARUTI - Given around 4400 and now above 4700

DLF - Given around 123 and it's Moved upto 137+

UJAAS - Given around 15.10 and now above 16

ASHOK LEYLAND- Given around 87 and now above 92

LIC HOUSING - Given around 440 and Now Made high of 475.

Above all calls were in my Free articles which were published between 5th to 15th September-

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy 

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