Friday, 4 September 2015

Yesterday's Forecast Came True - But From Today To Till 15th - No Over Night Long Positions - (9-10-11- Scary Dates) 04th September

Good morning friends, first of all i wish you all Happy Krishna Janmashtami and yesterday we all have enjoyed the grace of Lord Krishna as my forecast which i have made day before yesterday that 3rd September Nifty will see gap-up opening and will do positive along with stocks like Asian Paint, GPPL and BPCL. Except BPCL all other recommendations has performed very well in yesterday's trading session, where Nifty moved over 120 points, Asian Paints & GPPL has moved over 3% in positive direction.

Friends now upcoming week will be very important and critical for the markets because Moon will pass through Gemini house and Cancer house + Nakshtra lords will be Saturn & Ketu -

Especially I'm Feared For 9-10-11 ( Specially For 10th & 11th September ) because planetary situations are very Negative for the markets on these days, even i can say in these 3 days markets may show a crash of 300-400-500 points in Nifty, so if these 3 days passes smoothly then major crash fear will be wiped out. So Hedging longs for next 10 days are not a bad idea at all.

Friends - We may see Big jump in Precious Metals prices on 9-10-11th September - So, lets see What will happen but I'm sure that these days are negative for stock markets and if anything wrong or negative is there in markets destiny then it will happen on 9-10 or on 11th September.

My Strategy For This Markets will be - Will buy Put Options Of 7*00 and Call options of  7**0 in Nifty - Locked For Members

Today intraday traders can short Nifty below 7810 for targets upto 7760--7740 in panic with stop loss 7840.

Fear Clock Count Down Has Been Started Now..........On rise i would advise you to hedge your investment position for next 10 days.

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy 


  1. Wow! So can I borrow money and short Nifty on those 3 days?

  2. Hello sir,

    What about the date on 14th september, is that also negative for stock market.

  3. Q-2 Dear markets are in danger zone till 15th September.

    Q1- never ever think about investment from borrowed amount..will burn hands only.

  4. Where is gold n silver heading towards both Short and long term.
    Will gold go bk below 25000 anytime or will go back up to 31000

  5. Dear Astrololger,

    You dont know anything and just playing with people's sentiments. If you really know about NIFTY range, you yourself would have traded and earned money. Remember cheating people is an art which will revert back to you one day.


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