Monday, 7 September 2015

Fear & Panic Increasing In Traders - Golden Time of Investors May Come Any Time - 7th September 2015

S&P 500 Financial Forecast

Good morning friends, now this week is full on fear because every major problems timing is matching with this week like SHEMITAH, CHINESE DATA and negative ASTRO yogas, so this week we have to be extra careful and optimistic too because now investors may get a big opportunity to invest on very lower levels.

Well last week i have already declared that if is there any kind of Big-panic is to be happen then that will happen in this week or maximum by 17th(FED day) because there after planets will turn bit positive and especially MARS will turn into LEO which will bring positive news for Reality, Power, LAND-BILL, HOUSING FINANCE, BANKS and AGRO COMMODITIES like Mustard, Wheat and Red Chili.

Today Nifty will find it's support around 7548 near and below 7548 we may see 7476--7451 levels where other-side Nifty will face trouble around 7751--7820 in upside.

Our sell forecast which recommended on Friday''s letter doing very well as we have bought put option on Friday around opening time and we are already in very big gains as Nifty crashed 150+ points on Friday.

Caution :- No overnight long positions till next 17th September.

हिंदी सार - मित्रो बाजारों में दिनांक १५ सितम्बर २०१५ तक भारी अनिश्चित्ता का माहौल रहेगा एवं दिनांक ९-१० और ११ को बाजारों में भारी गिरावट देखने को मिल सकती हे, मित्रो यहाँ मेरे कहने का तात्पर्य यह हे की यदि कुछ अनहोनी या भरी बिकवाली होनी हे तो चालू सप्ताह के अंतिम ४ दिन उसके लिए बहुत ही उपर्युक्त है अत: यदि आपको ये गिरावट देखने को मिले तो इस गिरावट में चुनिन्दा शेयर्स में निवेश करने का अच्छा अवसर होगा. इस बाज़ार में सतर्क रहे और कोई भी निवेशित पोजीशन को होल्ड न करे.

Om Namah Shivay
Market Pophecy 


  1. Today's Support Has Turned Into Day Low - :) 7548 given as support and Today's Nifty low was - 7545.90(7546)

    1. प्रिय गुरूजी, क्या ये निवेश के लिए सही समय हे या कुछ दिन और इंतज़ार करे ?

    2. i have already advised in my article that before 15th no fresh investment - but after 15-17th one can begin investing on lower levels.
      Request:- Kindly mention your name while commenting - further i will not approve anonymous comments !!

  2. Manish Jain Indore7 September 2015 at 16:08

    Superb Sir, I am one of your admirer- Keep it up your great work

  3. Dear Himanshu Ji, I have short nifty@ 7750 sir as per your prediction of 4th September.......Thanks for such great forecast

  4. Pranam Guruji, i'm following you from past 10 days and your free articles are ray of light in this dark stock market world. Thanks sir Today sold Nifty and waiting for this weekend's mega crash.

  5. Hello Himanshu ji,
    It wiil be of great help if u can u predict on FED outcome on 17th Sep. whether it will hike the rate or will keep it unchanged.

    1. I'm not that much confident on what FED will going to do,but i'm expecting that FED will favor the markets, but i'm expecting it's effects will be last for 24-48 hours.

  6. Dear Sir, Your analysis is amazing. But Sir, will Markets after Sept 17 be on upward trend? i.e will we enter Bull market? Will mark to market losses recover for investors who have invested in Good Group A stocks?
    Sir my name is Ratan Shah, but cannot post as i cannot figure out how to.

    1. Mr. Ratan as i already posted in earlier posts that Indian markets are in a Bull Cycle, This crash is temporary only and an opportunity for investors.

  7. I am impressed with your prediction sir. Please guide me Can I invest in auto sector in correction?

  8. Himanushi assume we hit 7100 around sep 15th as per one of your post...where you can see nifty around diwali..will it cross 8000?.All time high is 9118 and as of now no hopes to make a new high soon...

    So where can be nifty levels around diwali which is nov11th


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