Monday, 24 August 2015

Stock Markets Bloodbath - Somewhere I Have Made Mistake While Observing Planets- Feeling Pain, But Crude oil Forecast Doing Extremely Well.

Why stock markets crashed.
Dear friends first of all I want to apologies for making a wrong prediction as I made mistake at somewhere while observing planets and  we all are in huge red mark now. Well this panic was really unexpected for me and this kind of single day historical panic creating a question mark on upcoming bull-run too, well this time it will be too early to comment on long term trend but short to immediate term trend looks to be tired as earlier I have observed positive till 10th September but now situations are opposite and now we will see weak sentiments till next few weeks.

As per the market movement we may see some minor bounces from lower levels but right now it's looking hard  for me to support bullish trend as practically today's crash was not a normal crash it was historic and it is a sign for us to review our sentiments and predictions again.

Well right now I'm not sure about any Long Term panic - But around 15th September I will publish my re-rated observation again for next 1-2 years because China will keep suffer with his issues and Rupee will also keep its weakness to be continue till 69.50--71.50 levels in near term which indicates that IT an Pharma will get some positive note from rupee but other will remain in pressure but still I'm not confident on long term weakness as Jupiter cycle looks positive but now I have to reanalyze my observation again with a different point of direction to identify that what was there in the womb of today's BLACK MONDAY.

Well i will update more about levels tomorrow but right now keep patience and keep cash in your hands and be alive in markets because we will make profits again but for that we have to keep our-self operational.

Well our crude oil sell forecast's first target $38 was almost achieved during trading session. On 10th August I had published my negative view on Crude oil.

Rupee/Dollar - INR will keep its weakness continue till 69.50 -71 levels, so buying Dollar against INR will be good trade this time.


  1. Do you have any astrological reason to justify today's fall ? So far you were very bullish and all of sudden when everyone is bearish you also changed your views, that puts a question mark on can we really predict stock market using Astrology ?

    Please note: I dont mean to offend your views in any ways as I my self is great admirer of astrology.

    1. We can predict anything with astrology because it is only method which is available for future forecast, Monday crash was also there in Astro charts but as i said it was my Mistake that i failed to read that.

  2. To sep ki calls ka kya karein..shd we sell them or hold ?

  3. you dont need to apologize sir, you have done a great work and service. Everyone fails but you have big track record success over failures. Failing once in a while is actually good for better future :) .....


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