Monday, 24 August 2015

Stock& Commodity Markets Forecast - 24th August 2015

Good Morning Friends, last week we have seen an extraordinary panic on Thursday & Friday but according to my observation i have suggested on Friday during Mid-session that markets will take rebound from lower levels and my observed reversal time was around 12:15 pm and as i seen on Friday markets did not went down after 12:15 pm and made a new intra-day high and closed almost around at day high. Well as i said on Friday post that I observed this week as a positive week according to my astral analysis and Monday looks extra positive due to some auspicious triggers and most of the time in the history of markets these triggers did their job completely.

Well according to my observation Moon is situating in Scorpio house today and by tomorrow it will enter into Sagittarius house which will make it positive, well Scorpio moon generally creates heavy volatility but there are one positive Yoga is also there today which will overcome on Scorpio Moon.

Today is 24th day with destiny number 5 and day number 2 which  are moderate and looks fine for today, Well today if you see any opening panic or decline that will be a buying opportunity because as what i see is by this Thursday we will see minimum 150--200 points reversal in Nifty from it's lower levels and as i said that 8200( closing basis) will be a rock bottom for it, so any how we will manage to trade above 8400--8450 any day in this week.

Final View - Any opening dips in Nifty will be a buying opportunity 

Intraday reversal levels will be - 8210--8190 maximum and upside problems will be 8440--8460.
Today  I will be unable till 10:00 am, Because Today is last Monday of Shravan month.

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy 

Right now I'm publishing unlocked articles by understanding my responsibility to give you follow up on my free forecast which i made earlier for positive equity markets.


  1. As expect NIFTY @ 8050, start buying at 7931 - 8050 level, target 200 points by 27th.

  2. Sir,
    Venus in trine with Ketu and also Saturn. Hence the down fall. Mercury though with Rahu is positive but since he is moving towards his debilitation in navamsa, his strength over venus is less. So i consider the current trend to be down for some time.

  3. Dear Sir,
    The solar ingress chart of 17th August 2015 at 11:52am indicates a strong 11th house which means which should be making profit in this month. The negatives i see are venus in trine with Ketu and saturn. Venus also the 8th house lord is with 2nd and 7th house lord indicating some problems with money matter and foreign affairs, china devaluing yuan and so that is impacting the share market. Ketu in trine with 2nd house, 2nd lord and 5th lord saturn. So all these shows a down fall in current month.
    Next month solar ingress on 17th September 2015 11:48:01 am, has 2nd lord well placed and vargottama. 5th house is afflicted by presence of ketu. 11th house has 11th lord in same house along with rahu (expansion planet). Looking at all these september expiry should be on high green note.

  4. waiting for suspense, when will market recover?

  5. Though you are reiterating positive happens opposite...I know your prediction happened to be true but ...don't know this time what's wrong going day by day.....
    I know you also thinking on same line...
    Hope your forcast comes true henceforth.


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