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Gold & Silver Forecast's Joy- Stock Market's Crash = Pain - 21st August 2015

Financial Astrology  For Indian Stock & Commodity Markets -

Good Morning Friends, first of all let's discuss about equity markets instead the success of commodity forecast because this time my major concern is Nifty panic because while writing this letter SGX NIFTY threatening situation creating trouble for me because I was continuously positive in the markets and very ambitious too after 13th August on SUN & LEO combination which happened last week. 

Well yesterday was an expected day for negativity but not that much which happened actually in the markets and today again if markets show panic then it will become problematic, well now lets discuss about what to do if markets open down and trade gap down and how to make a right decision at this point of situation.

Well - point 1 is my observation for SUN & LEO position was positive and on 14th August as per planing markets has moved 150 points which has given me a confidence, but one more thing which i took lightly was SATURN observing LEO which is bit negative but JUPITER, SUN, LEO and MOON these all other planets are generating positive energy will overcome on this negativity that was my thought, so I was confident on my observation.

Well this time Moon situation is also doing bit negative but as I said it is bit negative but markets are showing massive falls which are also sign of worry, Well from next week when Moon will transit through Sagittarius and Aquarius houses that time we may see upside move but for right now today's trend and trade is my concern -

Today is 21st day with destiny number 1 and day number 6 which indicates a big & Massive movement for positive side - now let's read below paragraph 

So 2nd point which I am observing is that if markets open gap down then for Intraday buy Nifty because We can see a sharp recovery from lower levels, Today's downside levels will be from where Nifty will show reversal will be - 8295--8265 (spot), so buying between this range will give minimum 50-60 or may be entire reversal which Nifty will loose during opening trades. For This trade place an Stop loss around 8230 (spot) if Nifty close below this level.

I will advise you to keep your view positive in stocks of PSU bank and POWER  until we keep our Nifty positions.............If my observation is right then today we will see a reversal from lower levels in entire market.

Planets are not that much negative .............But if still markets show panic in next 3 session then it will prove the sign that my observation may be going wrong .....but i will wait for next 3 session including today.

Well i will update more during Intraday so  visit again ......!!

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy 


  1. Himanshu ji, looking at current market position, do you still think monday onwards we' ll have a bull rally ?

    1. Dear, I just have faith in my observation and some claimed Astrology yoga. Just have faith and be a part of this journey from 12:15pm today to till next week.

  2. today also sgx nifty down ?what is ur view on monday


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