Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Jubilant Yesterday- Hope You All Enjoyed- Stock Market Astrology - 21-07-2015

Stock Market Astrology - 21st July 2015

Good Morning Friends
Yesterday our forecast performed 100% accuracy and we hope you all enjoyed our forecast. Well yesterday we have given Nifty calls and as well as some stock calls in our free articles which remained in top gained of exchanges.
Yesterday we have given 4 stocks for positive movement named -
PCJ- 5%
Well we have advised to buy Nifty in range of 8565--8550, and this call shown remarkable performance as Nifty just touched 8561 and moved sharply upto 8610+.
Well our all four stocks were in green side when markets was almost 200 point down.
Well Our GOLD/SILVER sell call also doing great as we are in huge success side because we have made short in GOLD around $1160 and Silver around $15.20............And Now Gold is almost $1105 and Silver around $14.75.
This way astrology is helping us , thanks to GOD for creating such subject for us.
Nifty Intraday Tips
Today is 21st day with destiny number 9 and day number 9 where Moon is situating in Virgo with North Node - RAHU. well this time we are not that much aggressive for long side because on 29th JUNE we have bought Nifty around 8200 and from that level to 8650 we have seen in just 20 sessions, so now we are bit careful for Nifty because now Moon will transits through Virgo, Libra and Scorpio + Mercury also joined Cancer today which is not that much good for markets.
Today Nifty will face problems near 8655 in upside and will find support around 8559--8536 levels.
Swing traders can sell Nifty around 8675--8690 with stop loss 8720 closing basis for targets upto 8500 in few sessions.
Intraday trader can buy Nifty around 85***** with stop loss 8540 for targets of 25-35 points.
Intraday trader can sell Nifty around 86**-**** with stop loss 86*5 for gain of 25-30 points.

Intraday Stock trader can buy PCJ for gain of 2-3% as we may see stocks to flare above 450+.

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy 

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