Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Pidilite Industries Ltd. A Big Cup & Handle Pattern Under Process On Daily Chart. #Watchlist

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My Dear friends, here again i'm bringing one more stock study chart pattern which is under process right now but you keep this stock in your watch-list. Stock name is "Pidilite Ind." Listed on both exchanges and stock is under an uptrend. 

According to this pattern breakout point will be 1305 rupee. So keep your eyes in this stock. Above pattern will looks alike this to stay valid.

Disclaimer :- Study is only shared for study purpose. 

Tech Mahindra Ltd - Hockey Stick Pattern On Hourly Technical Charts #Watchlist

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Dear readers once again i'm here with my new study in Tech Mahindra's hourly technical chart. Here i'm getting a visible hockey stick pattern and there for it's demand zone will be around 835---826 and this study will be valid only until stock is trading above 820 rupees. According to my analysis stock can show some strength from 835 zone. you can do your own research to avail more opportunities in this counter. According to me this analysis will be valid for next 7-10 days only where we can see some potential upmove from projected demand zone.

Disclaimer :- Above article is only for informational and educational purpose. Don't trade blindly.

Monday, 10 June 2019

AIA Engineering Ltd. - Bullish Breakout Pattern On Weekly Charts. #Watchlist

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Dear readers once again i'm bringing one more stock which is very close to its yearly breakout point. stock name is "AIA Engineering Ltd".  Now because its a triangle look alike pattern, so here my first disclaimer is that i don't follow this kind of pattern very often but yet i'm submitting this study because i'm sure some of from you are definitely love triangle breakouts. So here you can do your own analysis in this counter but as of now according to my available knowledge, stock is very close to its breakout point which is 1870 on weekly chart. This chart is a weekly technical chart for a period of 3 year.
Here in this chart i have observed some important positive facts which are as following...
- Stock is trading near all time high.
- there will be no overhead supply now.
- Stocks over all life time charts indicates a very bullish up trend. you can check its 10 year chart.
-Odds are in favour of bullish trend.

So you can also make your own research in this counter and if you like my post dont forget to share and subscribe this blog with your fellow traders. 

Disclaimer :- All research based articles are meant to made for educational purpose with out any buy or sell recommendations.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Tata Elxsi Ltd. - A Gift For Day Traders, Hockey Stick Pattern On Hourly Charts

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Dear readers hope you are doing very well, Today while playing with the charts i have got one more Hockey stick pattern in hourly technical chart of "TATA ELXSI LTD". Now in this study we can see that its demand zone is 848--840 whereas this study will be valid only until stock is trading above 825.
According to glimpse of the hockey pattern stock can show some more accumulation around these levels and thereafter it can show a sudden surge in next 4-5 trading sessions, so do make your own research on this chart and try to identify best opportunities.
Now till will tell us what will happen but till that keep your good care and dont forget to share or subscribe this blog.

Disclaimer-Above article is only for educational and information purpose. No recommendation for buy or sell this script.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Zinc Futures - Hockey Stick Pattern on Daily Charts

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Dear fellow traders, today while exploring some more technical charts suddenly my eyes stopped at "ZINC Future" daily candle stick charts where i found my signature "Hockey Stick Pattern". Well this above placed image is my study on Zinc futures whereas...
In this chart we can see demand zone for buyers is 2485 to 2350 and until this commodity trading above 2300 figure we can see a reversal bounce move upto previous swing high which is around 2800 level. So now time will play it's own game...but till that you can do your own research to enhance your trading gains. 
Do take your good care and don't forget to subscribe this blog.

Disclaimer :- above article is only for information purpose. i'm not making any recommendation in this script so readers do make your own research before taking any position.

Responsive Industries : Cup & Handle Formation On Weekly Charts. #Watchlist #alert

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Dear readers one more stock is burning on charts and making a very reliable formation called "Cup&Handle" pattern. This company name is "RESPONSIVE INDUSTRIES" and it's listen on both Indian exchanges.
At present stock is trading below its neckline but we should keep this stock in our watch-list because any day if stock move above 105 with volumes then it can open more opportunities.
So for this chart structure our breakout point will be 105 and conditions will be a weekly close above this line of resistance (105). According to me this chart structure is a good example to understand round formation breakouts, so do make your own report on this analysis and explore more opportunities.
Don't forget to subscribe my blog for more stock updates. How do you find this analysis do share in below comments.

Disclaimer:- This article is published for awareness and information purpose. There are no intentions to create any kind of recommendation on this or hype in any biased direction.

Berger Paints Ltd - Forming a Triangle Breakout - #Watchlist2019

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Dear readers, today i am bringing one more stock which is almost trading at the verge of its yearly breakout. above mentioned technical candle chart is a weekly time frame chart of "BERGER PAINTS LTD".

Well at present stock is trading near its breakout point of 345 level. So keep your eyes on this stock and merge this name in your watch-list. because once this stock cross and close above 345 can create some investment opportunities for traders and learning opportunity for students like me.

I will keep my follow up in this stock and once this counter starts showing any activity i'll update more... till that keep your good care and don't forget to subscribe our blog for more stocks updates.

Disclaimer :- above article is written only for information and educational purpose. Don't find any recommendation angle in this post.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Green Ply Industries Ltd. - " Hockey Stick Pattern " On Weekly Technical Charts.

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Dear readers i'm here with one more beauty of national stock exchange named "Greenply Industries ltd". this stock got very good hype during 2015-2017 when majority ace investors started making positive remarks on this particular company as well on entire sector but later on we all knows what actually happened. but right now according to its technical chart structure stock is getting good accumulation in the band of 150 to 120 and the rising consolidation waves indicates that now something is definitely happening in the company. 

Well here we will not discuss much about fundamental part of this company but in our country wooden laminate markets are growing rapidly in form of flooring and furniture.

Technically according to me now 120-to-140 rupee price band will act as a strong support zone and this way within next 5-9 months of period stock can show some substantial up-move. now our this analysis will be only remain validate until stock is trading above 120. rest you can do your own research analysis to identify more opportunities in this counter and don't forget to share your view with me in the comment section. 

Disclaimer: above post is written for educational purpose only. So do make best use of this post according to your due diligence. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

GSPL LTD. Getting Ready For Big Breakout - Stock To Watch For June 2019

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Dear readers hope you all are doing well in trading and investing activity, Today while exploring some securities charts i just saw one more beautiful chart pattern in a company named " GSPL ltd". if you look on this pattern you can easily say that it is contraction pattern similar like cup & handle and its neckline or breakout point is 205 rupee. according to my study stock price range is shrinking from previous 7-9 months of time frame and now stock again started trading near its 52 week peak price which refer a higher bullish sentiment in the prices of this company. well this study will be valid only until stock is trading above 185 and once its breaks 205 level.
According to this technical chart pattern we can have some sense to understand that if stock breaks and trade above 205 then a bullish wave can heat it up for another 15% to 25% in coming time.
Meanwhile you can do your own research to get more insight of this beauty and yes dont forget to subscribe our blog for more latest stock updates.

Disclaimer:- Above article shared only for study purpose. Here we are not recommending any buy or sell in above mentioned security.

GSS Infotech Ltd. Near its Weekly Breakout - Keep This Stock In Your Watchlist.

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Dear readers this stock named "GSS INFOTECH LTD" listen on both exchanges of Indian stock markets is making a very beautiful chart formation on its daily and weekly technical candle charts.

There are some important points where i want to shower some lights are as following 
1- Stock is trading in a clear up trend which indicates that odds are in favor of breakout.
2- Stock prices got rejected multiple times from 145 level
3- Daily chart RSI is above 60 which is technically a bullish sign.
4- every upper direction wave is powerful and very quick which refers strong momentum for bulls.

So after analyzing above discussed points it is safe to say that stock can do breakout in coming days so one can do analyse this beauty of dalal street and have this stock in your watch-list. rest is on your own research and study. 

Disclaimer :-  Above study is only for educational purpose There are no intention of creating any buy or sell recommendations.


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