Friday, 20 July 2018

Crudeoil Lovers : Ready To Fly upto $71---$73. Must See Chart For This Week. 20th July 2018

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Hellow friends, here this is crude oil daily charts and as per patterns its look like crude is ready for some upside movement where one can make scalping opportunity. above charts is dollar chart but one can trade with same price-action in MCX crude oil aslo.
Astro numbers suggest target $71
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Trading Lovers - Lic Housing Finance Ltd, H&S Breakout. 20th July 2018


Hellow Friends Above chart is Lic housing finance ltd. hourly price trend chart. Here a IHS breakout visible and now prices are coming to retest the neckline support which can be a good entry point with stop loss 500 as closing basis. and upper side possible target of 550 in 3-4 days. In case of index negativity ....keep your positions size very limited along with strict stop loss levels.
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Multibagger Stock Lovers - Keep Eyes On #JUSTDIAL...Bottoming out formation. 20th July 2018

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Hellow Friends after Titan's successful trade here one more gem is making on charts. As you can see in image that after a long price fall Justdial ltd. stock is consolidating on lower levels along with increasing volumes and stable increasing price.

Well if stock successfully breakout above 700 then it can be good bet for targets upto 1100---1600 in coming 1-1.5 years time frame. Increasing volumes along with candles strength indicating that some strong hands are entering on these levels which increase the possibilities of making this beauty an upcoming multibagger stock.

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Sunday, 15 July 2018


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Above chart is TITAN Company hourly charts of NSE -
 ( Green line is 200 MA ) ( Red line is 50 MA)
Cmp 838.
Expecting price - 870--880
Stop loss zone -815--820 closing basis.

Risk & Reward (1:2)
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Copper Future Analysis 15th July 2018. Big Fall Ahead???

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Nifty Filter Breakout Target 12000..?? See This Analysis.

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Hello Friends, Hope You all are healthy & fine. Above image is Nifty spot daily chart and here i observed a filter breakout in this chart along with numerological levels which indicate that Nifty can target 11800---12000 in coming time.
While writing this post it was near 11000 level and as per analysis it may come down once to retest its breakout zone of 10800--10750 then it can again takeoff for 11800-12000 levels.

" above analysis is for just education purpose...Do use your own intelligence for making any financial decision"  
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Monday, 9 July 2018

VENUS IN LEO :- GOOD FOR GOLD & SILVER ? let's see 9th July 2018

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Good morning friends, here im expecting positive bounce in gold if things remain in our favor as its near its buying zone +  astrologically Venus entered into Leo can also support precious metal like gold & silver. 

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Gold Future Analysis 5th June 2018 :- Ready For an Electric Shock ?? Must see analysis image.
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Hellow friends, here above image is an analyzed work for Gold future daily charts.
In this image i have shown you a pattern based behavior of Gold where its previous months price action indicates that whenever 20 EMA went below 200 EMA.... Gold future created a short term bottom there.

Friends if you like this analysis work, dont forget to share this post with your friends...!

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Nifty Analysis For The Week 5th June to 8th June 2018 - Swing under Bears Grip.
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Intraday levels for Today 5th June 2018

Buying zone 10547--10527 with stop loss 10520 target 25-30 points bounce.
Selling zone below 10620 for targets upto 25---30 points.

Swing trend - Downward
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Monday, 4 June 2018

Crude Oil Future Analysis For The Week 4th June to 9th June 2018 - Ready For Bounce ?
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Hellow Friends, here above illustrated image is crude oil daily chart and as you all knows that my previous analysis of crude oil where i have identified bearish cycle of oil from $72 to $66 went very successful. Now its time for some bounce back opportunity.
See this image and check it out where you can enter in this trade .!! 

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Once again 200+ Point Gain in Nifty within 72 hours. Stock Analysis 30th May 2018

Hello friends, two days back i have updated about Nifty that this rally will remain upto 10700-10720 and there after a reversal is expected. Click here to see that post .

According to this post i have written that short Nifty around 10720 with stop above 10740..... for downside targets upto 10545 levels..... i have also written that around 10545 levels some demand will gets in for 1-2 session.( in last three days Nifty high was 10717 and low 10558 and last closed 10600+) So this way  money minted in both side trading and i hope that analysis generated profits for you.

Now what to do?
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Friends in above image (click on image to view large) i have highlighted two zones one is red zone (10690--10720) second is blue zone ( 10550--10521).

Sell in red zone with stop above red zone and you can buy in blue zone with stop below blue zone.

In these trades your target will be 25-35 points if you are an intraday trader and 70-80+ points if you are swing trader.

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Monday, 28 May 2018

Crude oil and Nifty Analysis Performed Well - Crude Crashed by 5%, Market Analysis 28th May 2018

Hello friends good morning to you all, friends on 24th May 2018 i have published my article on Crude Oil & Nifty spot where i clearly and boldly mentioned that Crude oil will is a clear sell with stop $73 for targets upto $68--$67 and Nifty spot can jump from 10400--10360 range and this jump will be minimum of 200 points, with the god grace both analysis worked amazingly well and achieved their targets within 48 hour only.

Now let's see what to do from here
Click on Chart To Enlarge
In this above chart i have marked important numerology range of Nifty spot for upper and down side.
Upside range indicate if Nifty spot Cross 10632 then it may move toward 10700--10720 level.

Downside range indicates .......10545---10525 will be range where it will find some demand for next 1-2 days.

So what an intraday trader should do ?

-Intraday trader can buy Nifty spot if  trade above 10632 for targets upto 10690--10710 stop 10600.

- if Nifty spot show any intraday downside then buy near 10542-10525 with stop 10510 for bounce of 25-35 points.

- Short sellers should wait for more upside upto 10690--10710...sell there with stop above 10740 for target of 25-30 points intraday. 

key levels for reversal : as per my observation nifty spot will do positive until its closing above 10540 and upto 10720 level....i'm expecting that reversal range can be  10710--10720. well i will update more to you tomorrow. but be caution at higher side and don't get trapped.
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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Markets Are Tumbling As Expected :-Nifty Analysis - 24th May 2018 ( Ready To Bounce ? )

Hello friends, i hope you all are doing very well. yesterday once again our forecast did well as i suggested nifty spot tanked upto 10418 level and closed near 10445. now what to do ?

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As per shown in above image Nifty is near its supporting range which is 10365---10341........So here watch markets closely and see whether nifty takes support near these levels or not, if any how market show any strength in next 1-2 session then it will be a buy signal..!!

I will update more in tomorrow's post. 

Intraday Levels -

buying zone - above 10452 for target 20-30 points sl 10433.

Selling zone below 10425 with stop 10453 and target 25-30 points.

Key levels support :- 10357--10341 
Key resistance :- 10492--10521

I'm expecting minimum 170---200 point bounce from bottom in Nifty in coming days...!!! so let it confirm it's low ...then we will make long position. Till trade according to above levels.
Today until markets trade above 10453 it will remain positive.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Crude Oil & Equity Market Analysis - 23rd May 2018 - Bounce Will Be Continue or Crash Ahead??

Hello friends i hope you all are doing good. yesterday again my scalping level did very well in Nifty spot as Nifty opened around 10522 then crashed to 10491 i said scalping opportunity will easily generate 25-30 points for you. Well yesterday Nifty high was 10559 near and closing price was 10536 near.

Now what should we do today ??

To keep this simple i will suggest .........higher side problem will be 10600--10630 and lower side support will be 10446--10427 so if come near these levels you can scalp for 25--30 points.Buying near 10445--10425 will give you immediate bounce and selling near 10605---10625 will give you immediate downside of 25--30 points.

Crude oil Strategy :- While updating this post crude oil was trading at $72.........which is near a trading opportunity.

 - Selling Opportunity -  one can sell Below $71 with stop loss of $73.2 ( 2 days closing basis) and target will be 69--67.

- Buying Opportunity :- Above $73.2 if close for 1 day buy with stop loss $71 and target will be $80 in 1 month. Quick target will be $75--76.

I hope this article will help you in your trading strategy. Keep visiting for more updates.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Equity Market Analysis For 22 May 2018 - Yesterday Analysis Did Amazingly Well.

stocktips, nifty tips, intraday tips, commodity tips, astrology of stock market

Good morning friends, i hope you all are doing well today. friends yesterday our negative trend analysis did pretty well and i hope you all get benefited from that..........Now let's begin today's chapter.

Yesterday Nifty closed at 10516 near and this level is below nearest numerological support so as per numbers magic markets can move more down from here it self upto 10445--10427 in next 1-2 sessions. 
Now if we look for upper side troubles then nearest seller zones are 10522--10547. after looking these numbers one thing is very clear is that short sellers have better risk and reward ration trade here as they can put their stop loss somewhere around 10545-50 and hold for downside targets 10445--25. so for short sellers i will give a big thumb up.  

Ok now let's talk about day traders -  while u trading intraday u don't have to worry for daily trend because what u want is just quick 25-30 points or whatever points which keep your account in green MTM. so day traders just have your eyes on below given numbers and trade with your discretion with strict discipline.

If you see Nifty spot around 10451--10438 try to consider buy side trade with 15 point stop loss and 20-30 point target.

Selling side opportunity will be there when Nifty spot come between 10525--10535 with stop of 10543.

Key levels in upper side - 

High end sellers zone - 10600--10625
Buyers zone - 10445--10425.

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I can easily say that, after those 2 hour your trading life will get changed..!
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